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People with diabetes have specific needs when it comes to foot care. Franklin Harry, DPM, ABMSP, and Tim Davydov, DPM, ABPM, of Best Foot Forward in Festus and St. Louis, Missouri, have the training and experience needed to provide top-quality diabetic foot care. Book your appointment today using the simple online scheduling tool, or call the Best Foot Forward office nearest you to check appointment availability.

Diabetic Foot Care Q&A

How does diabetes affect foot health?

Diabetes prevents your body from effectively using the glucose (sugar) in your blood to fuel cellular functions. This causes your blood glucose levels to rise, potentially damaging blood vessels, nerves, vital organs, and your feet and legs. Diabetes affects your foot health in two primary ways.

Diabetic neuropathy

Diabetes can damage nerves throughout your body, including in your lower legs and feet. This prevents your nerves from sending regular messages to your brain about temperature, pressure, and pain.

You might not be able to feel a cut or sore on your foot, which can get worse without treatment. The muscles in your foot might not function normally, changing the distribution of pressure as you walk.

Peripheral vascular disease

Diabetes also restricts normal blood flow throughout your body, including your feet. This can make it hard for sores and cuts to heal correctly, increasing the risk of infection or gangrene. Gangrene is tissue death caused by an insufficient blood supply.

Diabetics must pay close attention to their foot health. If you have bone abnormalities that increase your risk of skin damage, those conditions should be professionally assessed and treated.

How can I support diabetic foot needs at home?

Part of the diabetic foot care provided at Best Foot Forward is education on improving and supporting your foot health at home. Some of the basic steps include:

  • Inspecting all areas of your feet every day
  • Bathing your feet daily in warm (not hot) water
  • Drying your feet carefully after bathing, including between the toes
  • Trimming nails with caution, filing down the edges as needed
  • Not attempting to remove corns or calluses at home
  • Checking your shoes for stones or other debris before putting them on
  • Avoiding walking barefoot, even at home
  • Moisturizing your feet regularly but avoiding the skin between toes

The best thing you can do as a diabetic to ensure your foot health is to come into Best Foot Forward for routine professional foot care visits.

How does a podiatrist help with diabetic foot care?

The podiatrists at Best Foot Forward understand the ways diabetes affects foot health. They provide comprehensive diabetic foot care to help you avoid severe problems like ulcers, infection, and gangrene.

Foot amputation continues to be a risk for people with diabetes. Left untreated, even seemingly minor foot wounds can quickly develop into severe problems, including amputation. Professional care is an essential part of preserving healthy feet and avoiding amputation.

These visits begin with a thorough assessment of your skin and nails. Your podiatrist can trim and file your nails and address any problems caused by dry or damaged cuticles. If there are areas of thickened skin, those can also be treated.

Wound care is an integral part of diabetic foot care. If you have cuts, abrasions, or sores on the surface of your skin, your podiatrist works to prevent infection and support proper healing. You’ll also receive guidance on how to maintain your foot health at home.

If you have diabetes and are searching for the right professional to partner with, call Best Foot Forward to book a visit or schedule using the simple online booking tool.